Charms logo

Charms is an online office assistant that we use to organize all of our choir information. It is a password protected website that allows you to view and edit your contact and financial information.  Most importantly, it is our main communication hub. Please take the time to log in and explore all of the capabilities of this essential tool.

Step 1: Click on Log In and choose “Parents/Students/Members”

Step 2: In the School Code field, type: OakMSChoir 

Step 3: Your initial Student ID Password is either your Student ID number or the first 3 letters of your student’s first name and the first three letters of your student’s last name in all CAPS.

Once logged in, please change your password immediately to protect your account and then click on the Update Info Icon and fill in your contact information for your student and for yourself. 

Please check your Charms account regularly to ensure your fees and contact information are up to date. Charms credit can be carried over from year to year and transferred between family members at Oak Middle School, but does not transfer to the High School Choir or other programs.