Our Mission

The Friends of Music Booster Club supports Oak Middle School Choir in parent participation, volunteer work and financial assistance. We strive to not only make this program possible, but amazing. Parental involvement gives you the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life during these important middle school years. We hope you will join us!

What We've Achieved


2018 1st Place, Best Overall Score, Heritage Festival, ShowCase

2018 1st Place, Best Musicianship, Best Showmanship, Xtravaganza, ShowMen

2018 1st runner up, Xtravaganza, ShowStoppers

2018 1st Place, Burbank Blast, Best Music, ShowMen

2018 1st runner up, Burbank Blast, Best Music, ShowStoppers

2018 All State Honor Choir, Connor Williams 

2017 National Honor Choir, Jean Sullivan and Jack Munson

2017 Heritage Festival Of Gold, ShowCase

2017 1st Place Light Up the Stage, ShowMen Elite

2017 1st Place and Best Musicianship Light Up the Stage, ShowStoppers

2017 1st Place Best Showmanship and Best Musicianship Xtravaganza, ShowMen Elite

2017 1st Place, Best Showmanship and Best Musicianship Burbank Blast, ShowStoppers

2017 1st Place, Best Showmanship and Best Musicianship Burbank Blast, ShowMen Elite


I am extremely thankful for all my choir friends who made my experience one to remember.
— Danielle McJunkin
Choir will always be the light of my day.
— Kaylynne Vaughn
Thanks to my love of music, I have joined a wonderful family. We have made wonderful memories and I hope to make more.
— Kaylie Flores