Mixed Bag Fundraiser

We are kicking off the Mixed Bag Fundraiser! This is a great opportunity for you to earn credit for your Charms account and it's SUPER easy! All you need to do is email and/or text out the Mix Bag link and Oak Choir ID. Your friends and family shop online and have the items shipped directly to themselves and you receive 40% of everything you sell into your account! Mixed bags has a TON of great items…

  • Reusable shopping bags

  • Tote bags

  • Lunch bags

  • Kitchen accessories

  • and so much more!

We will have some samples at our next Parent Meeting so you can check out some of the products. The Fundraiser will run February 6th to March 1st.

Mixed Bag Fundraiser Link to share:  www.mixedbagdesigns.com/friends-of-music-oak-middle-school-choir
Oak Choir ID: 185095