What is Shop with Scrip?

Shop with Scrip is a program that allows you to purchase eGift cards (ScripNow) at face value on or the mobile website,, and earn rebates that credit your child’s Charms account. You can even send the gift to your friend directly from the site. See how to do it here (YouTube).

We will not process any orders for physical (“tangible”) gift cards. If orders for tangible cards are received they will be cancelled.

How do the Rebates work?

Easily pay online and earn a rebate between 2% and 16% that immediately goes toward funding to your child’s Charms account. If no child is specified, then the money will go towards the Friends of Music program. The credits will be made to your Charms account once each month.

some of the local options for earning rebates

percentages as of 8/8/18 and can change at any time

  • California Pizza Kitchen – 8%

  • Chipotle – 10%

  • Forever 21 – 5%

  • Home Goods – 7%

  • Kohls – 4%

  • Marshalls – 7%

  • Staples – 5%

  • Starbucks – 7%

  • Ulta – 4%

How do I get started?

See Frequently Asked Questions below or reference detailed instructions using the Shop with Scrip Family Guide.

Q: How do I create a new Shop with Scrip account?

A: Before you join, you will want to be certain you have the Enrollment Code available. Email with your child's name and choir to request the enrollment code, then click on the link provided in the email sent to you. Then proceed to enroll and create a login or navigate to and select Join a Program.

Q: How do I add Friends of Music to my existing Shop with Scrip account?

A: Email and request the enrollment code, then click on the link provided in the email sent to you. Add Friends of Music as your default organization.

Q: How do I ensure that my family member who is in the Oak Choir gets credit for my purchase?

A: Once logged in, navigate to Account SettingsProfile. On the profile page, there is a section to identify the Student Name and Group. See below. This will ensure your child is credited for the purchase. If, at any time you have questions regarding the credit, email

Q: What are my options for payment?

A: PrestoPay electronic bank debit ($0.15 service fee) or Credit Card (2.6% service fee).

Please note, the Shop with Scrip program has a Pay by Check function, but at this time we will not be using it. You must enroll and select either PrestoPay or pay by credit card to process your ScripNow purchases.

Q: What is PrestoPay?

A: PrestoPay is a direct link to a bank account. With this payment method, orders are immediately processed for a nominal $0.15 service fee. View video on How to Set Up Presto Pay.

Q: How do I get ScripNow purchases?

A: There is no-need to wait for eGift Cards if you sign up for PrestoPay. You can even choose to purchase eGift cards on your phone using MyScripWallet while you are shopping at the store.

Q: How do I set up MyScripWallet?

A: MyScripWallet is used to make and redeem purchases while on the go using your phone. View a video on adding MyScripWallet (MSW) to your phones home screen.

Q: Why can’t I order tangible gift cards?

A: There is a lot more work and expense involved in ordering, organizing, and distributing tangible (physical) gift cards. We are going to focus on eGift Cards (also known as ScripNow) during this school year.

If an order is placed for a tangible gift card the order will need to be cancelled by the Scrip Coordinator. If the order for a tangible gift card has been paid using PrestoPay, the Scrip Coordinator will attempt to resolve the order directly with the user during the current month. If the order cannot be resolved before month-end, the order will be cancelled and the money cannot be reimbursed to the individual by Great Lakes Scrip nor by FOM. The person who placed the order for the tangible gift card will need to reach out to the Scrip Coordinator and determine how to purchase e-gift cards to redeem the value of the original purchase. If e-cards are not purchased with the outstanding balance by the end of the school year the amount will be considered a donation to FOM.

Q: I have more questions, where can I get more help?

A: Detailed instructions are available using the Shop with Scrip Family Guide or you can email with any additional questions.